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Alpha Rising Awarded Honorable Mention at 2009 San Francisco Book Festival
I am thrilled to announce that Alpha Rising has received another award, this time taking Honorable Mention in Science Fiction at the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival where submitted works were judged by a panel of industry experts using the following criteria:

1) General excellence and the author's passion for telling a good story.
2) The potential of the work to reach a wider audience.

Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention at 2008 London Book Festival
What an awesome way to end 2008.  I am truly honored to announce that on December 10, Alpha Rising was awarded Honorable Mention at the 2008 London Book Festival where a panel of judges determine winners based on the following criteria:
1) The story-telling ability of the author;
2) The potential of the work to win wider recognition from the international publishing community.

Festival director Bruce Haring said this was " of our toughest competitions to date."

This thought-provoking work is gaining a devoted following and, at the request of many awaiting a second work, I'm pleased to say that I've finally come full-circle on drafting the details of another intriguing story. It will complement Alpha Rising, but will not be a sequel. Hope to have it completed mid-2009.

For those who enjoy speculative fiction that could one day become reality, give Alpha Rising a read and enjoy the journey!

Winners list and information:

Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention in two categories at 2008 Hollywood Book Festival in Hollywood, California - July 12, 2008
I am extremely happy to share the good news that Alpha Rising was awarded Honorable Mention in two categories, Science Fiction and Wild Card, at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival.

"Presented in conjunction with Barnes & Noble Booksellers, the Hollywood Book Festival honors books that that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, game and multimedia communities.

"Based in the capital of show business, the Hollywood Book Festival aims to:

(1) spotlight literature worthy of further consideration by the talent-hungry pipeline of the entertainment industry; and

(2) facilitate getting those works into the proper hands for consideration."

Alpha Rising receives high praise at Writer's Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards - March 1, 2008


Judged on Plot, Grammar, Character Development and Cover design, Alpha Rising received a perfect score of 20 out of 20 points.


Judge’s commentary:


"The cover was absolutely perfect for the content. This is an excellent sci-fi adventure. I thought the author did a great job. Even though it was written about the future, there were definite connections to problems of today. The spiritual connection and biblical allegories subtly woven through the story, added another dimension to an already rich and imaginative tale. Though it was science fiction, the plot was extremely plausible, written as though everything referred to was scientific fact. All the characters were believable and three-dimensional. Bach is a hero all readers will want to cheer on."


How can the author improve this book?


"I have no comment as Alpha Rising was exceptionally well-written. The author should give presentations to libraries, book clubs, service and social groups as well as in bookstores. Also, seek out science fiction fans on the Internet. Use every means to promote this book, it deserves a large audience."


Alpha Rising takes Honorable Mention at DIY Book Festival - Oct. 20, 2007
I'm thrilled to announce that Alpha Rising has received Honorable Mention in Genre-based Fiction at DIY Convention's Sixth Annual Book Festival in Hollywood, California. DIY 's annual festivals showcase and celebrate the success of independent books, music and film.
Winners list and information:

Health First's Leeza's Place Holiday Bazaar - Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2007
Leeza's Place, a nonprofit resource center for Alzheimer's disease and memory disorders founded by actress Leeza Gibbons, has scheduled an upcoming Holiday Bazaar. I've donated a copy of Alpha Rising, and also will be signing books at this event, with the profits donated to this worthy cause.

Book Signing at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne, FL - November 24, 2007
The Chapel Store at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne, Florida, will host a book signing at the store's annual after-Thanksgiving sidewalk sale. I'll be signing Alpha Rising, and would love for you to stop by to see my wonderful church if you're in the area. 

Fifteenth Annual St. Petersburg Festival of Reading - Oct. 27, 2007


This wasn't the best day for Alpha Rising or any of the authors at this outdoor event under tents. It rained for two hours, water puddled everywhere, and the humidity caused our book covers to curl and our posters to buckle.  Everyone seemed a little cranky. It was a long day! 
Reading Fest website:


Book signings are fun!!!
Book signing

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