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The common theme of good and evil prevails in this science-fiction, adventure, fantasy, and suspense-filled book...tons of action...this one has originality that is definitely worth reading. You must, must, read this book with a clear mind and please don't turn back to recapture the details. Alpha Rising by G.L. Douglas was great reading of some good fiction and I was not at all disappointed. The story was never-ending so I still think about what could have happened." Danelle Drake for Reader Views 

"Alpha Rising soars to the top of my list of great books...credible and compelling...there is a startling sense of reality in this book, as if this story could actually happen one day in the distant future...The author successfully straps readers into the cockpit, giving them a clear view of the story, as each turn of the page accelerates them deeper into a new dimension...The characters and the cosmos merge into a story line that has eternal significance...The final pages are like riding a shaft of sunlight into a place long forgotten but easily remembered...Alpha Rising is a thrilling taste of the extraordinary!" Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews  

"A remarkable good versus evil tale...overtones of C.S. Lewis in abundance. As with Lewis' Space Trilogy, this novel will only reveal its true depth as more and more readers take their personal journeys into its exceptionally savvy and well-constructed tale of modern spirituality." Peter Sykes, Sci-Fi Lists

"...fantastic novel that really shows off G.L. Douglas' wonderful imagination and extraordinary writing ability...draws you right into the story to go along for the exciting ride to enchanting and suspense-filled places. ...superb writing style makes the story very believable, which reminds me of the good ol' sci-fi stories of my childhood. Two thumbs-up...there may be a Hugo award in the future for G.L. Douglas. Send this novel to the movie moguls to have them make a major motion picture out of it!" John Y. Takeyasu 

"Ms. Douglas writes in a clear, cut-to-the-chase prose that's refreshing these days, when so many authors just pile on the verbiage...compelling and wholly original...comes fully alive, with real emotions and real detail. Douglas is obviously inspired by earlier writers like Le Guin and Lewis, but this work never feels second-hand. I hope that Ms. Douglas isn't through with these people...leaves plenty of room for a sequel. If she writes one, I'll buy a copy. Read this book. You won't be disappointed." Margaret Garside, Author (The Bretton Katt Alliance)

"A fast paced, addicting novel. I was hooked from page one. This novel has all the ingredients; action, friendship, a spritual message and you're left with a warm feeling of hope. I hope there is another book. I love the characters and I cannot wait to find out what they do next!" Sendie, a fan 

"There are lots of great things to say about Alpha Rising as a debut novel. G.L. Douglas has definitely got the right stuff when it comes to evoking interest from the hard-sci-fi geeks among her readers... She also seems to have a knack for turning a unique and interesting phrase. Character development is strong...." Paul Weiss, Reviewer-SciFi Reader

"Every so often I pick up a book that I wouldn't ordinarily read just to test my own boundaries and assumptions. This is how I came to read Alpha Rising, and I am pleased that I did. ...if you recognise some parallels with some well known biblical tales, perhaps that simply serves as a reminder that there is nothing intrinsically new about battles between good and evil." J. Cameron-Smith
"Great book! While reading this enjoyable and cleverly done story, I felt as if I were watching the action unfold in a movie. Very cinematic feel to the writing ... one of the best endings I've read in a long time ... felt like standing and cheering!" Diane Rhoades, Physical Therapist
"Douglas is, without a doubt, a talented writer. Her prose is consistently high-quality, with more than a few excursions into the inspired. Great action/adventure for young (and young-at-heart) readers of 'soft' sci-fi." Gerry Rzeppa, Author (Some of the Parts)
"An intriguing adventure into the future that, in many ways, reflects our past.  G.L. Douglas's extraordinary journey teaches us ... where our own inner selves could take our world if selfishness and greed dominate love and concern." J.V. Rootsey, Author (Men from Menahur, Micraliens in Control, Little Amazon, Grink, A Beginning Along the Way)

"G.L. Douglas is an author with a vivid, entertaining, and often amazing imagination ... Douglas deftly seeds her overall suspenseful tale with mini-suspenses that quicken the reader's pulse ... I finished the last page with a warm smile on my face ... an excellent storyteller." Rob Scharpf, Editor

"The author makes readers believe her bizarre universe is real, with interesting characters involved in many conflicts." Midwest Book Review


"The pace of the novel is very fast with many twists and turns along the way to make a very fascinating tale of science fiction." Gary Roan, Syndicated Book Reviewer


"This story has dozens of interesting facets. As I slowly discerned the unique Wizard of Oz-like transition from reality to the future, to fantasy and back again, I really enjoyed the ride." Kurt Kiefer, a fan


"...a beautiful story. It was amazing, at one point I cried ... couldn't put the book down ... gave up when eyestrain was so bad I couldn't see ... found out it was early in the morning. I read through the night."
Christie Pickens, a fan

"While I'm not your typical SciFi fan, this one caught my full attention all the way to the end. I enjoyed the characters and the excursion into fantasy tempered by the vaguely possible science. I loved the book and have a few people in mind to receive this for Christmas.  A really nice read." Marian Griggs, a fan

"This is sci-fi in the tradition of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy. It combines science fiction, fantasy, and some religious elements. While fans of hard sci-fi, such as that of Arthur C. Clarke, might not enjoy it, I truly did.
I am looking forward to more from this author, perhaps following the lives of the characters introduced in this book." C. Theimer, a fan

"I like this kind of re-imagining of Biblical tales...the writing is very good, and there are some nice touches along the way....I love the potential of a 'is he one of them or one of us' scenario. Alpha Rising is a very good book!"

Could these things possibly happen?
Have they happened in the past?
Are they happening now?

G.L. Douglas