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Compare and contrast essay paper, what is it?

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The task to write a compare and contrast paper seems to be an easy one, but it is only as long as you don’t start writing. The main purpose of this essay is clear to all students – they are to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of two separate subjects. The problem is that a good compare and contrast essay is not limited to this, it also includes meaningful argumentation of the comparison of the subjects. In order to complete this task correctly, it is advisable to follow simple steps. The first one is to pick two or more subjects, which needs to be compared and contrasted, if you are not provided with them by your tutor. If you are making this choice yourself, do it with attention, as these should be such subjects, which have both similar and contrasting features. These subjects should belong to the same category, but have some distinctive features. In some cases in order to make your writing interesting, you could choose such two things, which are absolutely different on the surface and reveal their similarities, which were previously hidden. It was already mentioned that comparisons should be meaningful, it means that there is no use stating that certain subjects have both similar and different features, instead these features should be discussed and analyzed. Brainstorming is a technique, which could be applied in order to make maximally full list of similarities and differences of the subjects. If the list seems to be too long, it is advisable to make a selection, pointing out only the most important characteristics. Thesis statement is as always vital, it should explain to the readers the sense of the comparison, you are going to make. Sometimes thesis in a comparison essay is already a statement of your position, when you consider one subject to be better than the other."

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