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News Release - May 5, 2009:  Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention in Science Fiction--2009
San Francisco Book Festival.

News Release - December 10, 2008:   Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention in Genre Fiction--2008 London Book Festival .

News Release - July 12, 2008:  Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention in two categories, Science Fiction and Wild Card--2008 Hollywood Book Festival in Hollywood, California.

News Release - March 1, 2008:  Alpha Rising scores perfect 20 out of 20 in Plot, Grammar, Character development and Cover design--Writer's Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards.   

News Release - October 20, 2007:   Alpha Rising awarded Honorable Mention in Genre-based Fiction--DIY Convention's 6th Annual Book Festival in Hollywood, CA. 

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"Alpha Rising soars to the top of my list of great books...a thrilling taste of the extraordinary!"
Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews
"A remarkable good versus evil tale...overtones of C.S. Lewis in abundance. As with Lewis' Space Trilogy, this novel will only reveal its true depth as more and more readers take their personal journeys into its pages. An exceptionally savvy and well-constructed tale of modern spirituality."
Peter Sykes, Sci-Fi Lists
Sci-Fi Lists-Top 100

"Finally, old school adventure returns...a page turner similar to Heinlein's work. Imaginative!
...G.L. Douglas may be one of the up and coming 'World Builders' of the 21st century."
A fan in Reno
"G.L. Douglas's extraordinary journey teaches us...where our own inner selves could take our world if selfishness and greed dominate love and concern."
J.V. Rootsey, Author
"Every so often I pick up a book that I wouldn't ordinarily read just to test my own boundaries and assumptions. This is how I came to read Alpha Rising, and I am pleased that I did."
J. Cameron-Smith
"A fascinating tale...interesting characters involved in many conflicts."
Midwest Book Review
"Great book! ...enjoyable and cleverly done...felt as if I were watching the action unfold in a movie...cinematic feel to the writing. One of the best endings I've read in a long time...felt like standing and cheering!"
Diane Rhoades
"This is sci-fi in the tradition of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy.
 ...looking forward to more from this author..."
C. Theimer, a fan
"Great book. I am waiting for the sequel. This is such an animated book and covers everything." Virginia Hilton

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"...delightful adventure...propels your mind through a magical thinking process reserved only for those that can detach from life's challenges and enter the spiritual world of one's own soul. 5-stars...More! More! More!"
Bill Nybo
"Douglas is, without a doubt, a talented writer. Her prose is consistently high-quality, with more than a few excursions into the inspired."
Gerry Rzeppa, Author
"...fantastic novel...two thumbs up...extraordinary writing ability...reminds me of the good ol' sci-fi stories of my childhood.  Send this novel to the movie moguls to have them make a major motion picture out of it!"
John Y. Takeyasu
"While I'm not your typical sci-fi fan, this one caught my full attention all the way to the end. I loved the book."
Marian Griggs, a fan

"...dozens of interesting facets...Wizard of Oz-like transition from reality to the future, to fantasy and back again...really enjoyed the ride." Kurt Kiefer, essay writer at write my paper service


"...suspense-filled book. You must, must, read this book with a clear mind, and please don't turn back to recapture the details...great reading...I still think about what could have happened."
Danelle Drake for Reader Views
" and imaginative tale.
...exceptionally well-written. Use every means to promote this book, it deserves a large audience."
Writer's Digest (Int'l Book Awards)
"...cut-to-the-chase prose that's refreshing these days, when so many authors just pile on the verbiage...compelling and wholly original...comes fully alive with real emotions and real this book, you won't be disappointed."
Margaret Garside, Author


"…reminds me of the Narnia books…allegory to a larger, more important message...this one is ingenious…beautiful scenery, high-tech gadgets, action and adventure…long after I've finished, the plot and characters have continued to roll around in my thoughts. That, my friends, is the sign of a good story. I look forward to reading more from this author." Madeline000 (Amazon reviewer)


"There are lots of great things to say about Alpha Rising as a debut novel. G.L. Douglas has definitely got the right stuff when it comes to evoking interest...character development is strong...."

Paul Weiss, Reviewer-Sci-fi Reader
" paced, addicting novel...was hooked from page one...has all the ingredients: action, friendship, a spiritual message...left with a warm feeling of the characters and cannot wait to find out what they do next!"
Sendie, a fan 
"Love, death, and disappear-
ances kick off a series of exciting adventures...Douglas deftly seeds her suspenseful tale with mini-suspenses that quicken the reader's excellent storyteller."
Rob Scharpf, Editor


This astounding yet believable spacefaring voyage to a fictional universe created by
G.L. Douglas, takes you on a thought-provoking race through the rafters of space where history repeats itself, future events cast shadows, and a lost astronaut, trying to rescue his crewmates from evil captors, embarks on an incredible mission that fulfills prophecy.

Could these things possibly happen?
 Have they happened in the past?
Are they happening now?

Dr. Sten Odenwald, NASA
"Why should we bother ourselves with the merits of fantasy worlds? Because sometimes it can be a good exercise to pull out the stops and let our minds enjoy unrestricted possibilities. From time to time, answers to great questions have accidentally emerged from the muddy waters of unbridled imagination. A light-hearted and playful romp through the world of science fiction might uncover interesting viewpoints to difficult questions." 
(From Dr. Odenwald's article Faster than Light, used with permission) 


G.L. Douglas